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Tradition Brut ou Demi Sec Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Tradition Brut or Demi Sec

Blend :
50 % Chardonnay
30 % Pinot Noir and
20 % Pinot Meunier

Produced according to the Champagne tradition, this fresh and sparkling wine is a champagne for every moment. Also available semi dry. Goes perfectly with your desserts.

2021 Guide Hachette Selection
Le petit Futé 2020/2021

Rosé Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Rosé (Pink)

Blend :
20 % Pinot Noir and
80 % Pinot Meunier

Creamy and fruity, for the aperitif or the meal, it will charm you by giving you all the joys of tasting

Le petit Futé 2020/2021

Réserve Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Réserve (share of the harvest put aside each year according to its potential)

Blend :
50 % Chardonnay et
50 % Pinot Noir

When subtlety and strength go with fullness and bounty, it makes a perfect champagne for all your meals.

Le petit Futé 2020/2021

Cuvée Prestige Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Cuvée Prestige

Millésime 2015
100 % Chardonnay Grand Cru

An exceptional champagne for exceptional events. It reflects the richness of the Chouilly terroir.

1 star in the 2019 Guide Hachette

Le petit Futé 2020/2021

Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Blanc de Blancs Brut

100 % Chardonnay grand cru

Transparence, purity and intensity. An aperitive batch that will go perfectly with seafood and shellfish.

2020 Guide Hachette Selection
Le petit Futé 2020/2021

Fût de Chêne Champagne Voirin-Desmoulins

Fût de Chêne (Oak Barrel)

Blend :
80 % Chardonnay et
20 % Pinot Noir

Rediscover the naturally woody and authentic taste of a full-bodied champagne matured in our oak barrels.

Le petit Futé 2020/2021

51530 - CHOUILLY

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