Boutique Champagne voirin desmoulins

From the vine to the wine

The Pressing

Once harvested, the grape is brought to the press as soon as possible. The basic principle of the Champagne pressing allows the seed to burst without any coloring. Neither the skin nor the seed are spoiling the delicacy of the must thus obtained.

The Blend

After a winter rest in our cellars, we have to blend into a single beverage (depending on our wines) all the qualities and assets of its components to ensure the durability of the gustatory qualities of the champagne throughout the years.

A moment of reflection, choice and tasting before the bottling: it is the drawing. The rest of the process is going to happen in the bottle: it is the secondary fermentation. The wine becomes sparkling, and it ages on the sediment (at least for 15 months). Then comes the riddling, whose goal is to concentrate the sediment in the neck of the bottle. All that is left is the disgorging, which ejects the sediment from the bottle.

As the secondary fermentation used the vast majority of the sugar and the disgorging caused a slight loss of wine, an additional step is necessary: the dosage. A liquor made of sugar and reserve wine is added. Each wine maker has their own secret. It is the final touch of a very time-consuming work. After being corked and labeled, the bottle is ready to be showed in its best light.

The Tasting

After all the time we took to blend all those elements, you can now discover the diversity of our wines. They appeal to all of your senses:

  • Watching
  • Smelling
  • Tasting

You will discover a full-bodied champagne with spirit, heart and soul. Appreciate and share this wonderful beverage.

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